My ‘sewloveable’ nightie


I really wanted to attempt sewloveable’s 6 Easy Steps for a DIY Sleeveless Dress but didn’t have any fabric as gorgeous as her polka dot!

Thought i’d use up some scraps to make nighties for my girls instead.  Worked brilliantly.


unhemmed sleeve – an accidental furl created by the fabric that I thought was too cute to hem.

P1010289 P1010295P1010296P1010298

As I literally used scraps you can see it is a little tight on her tum.  But now i’ve attempted it I will be using this method again and again.

Also gave me a new project to try out my new 'overlocker foot' on

Also gave me a new project to try out my new ‘overlocker foot’ on

So little time to sew this week. No excuses.  No apologies.  I promise to be better next week!


Pajama Shorts Finished

P1010212P1010211   P1010209

P1010204The pajama shorts are finished.  My sewing is almost uniform – a lot better than before I started with all of this practise! Sewing at the back to encase the elastic is also quite tidy.  I’m loving making shorts! If only short and dumpy were a good look i’d actually wear some!  Working on some, equally bright, repurposed from a holy old dress of mine.  Away for a long weekend.  How much will I miss my sewing machine?




Not Scraptembering or Frocktobering – an update


So I’d like to be a part of Frocktober & Scraptember. I’m itching to be a part….despite not knowing they existed 24hrs ago. But there are more pressing things in my ‘to do’ pile.

Shall I show you?P1010166

This is my front room.

I moved three years ago and this is the best it’s looked in this time. Seriously. I was semi-promised a finished room by September, then October, now there are whispers of a Christmas finish. When your husband is your decorator/handy-man you really have to pick your battles.



My next project then – by the October deadline – is a cover for our second-hand footstool that is making the journey from back room to front room (when the work is finished. No I’m not banging on about it/complaining/ungrateful!)


Kit's toes! Asleep on the spfa whilst I sew&blog

Kit’s toes! Asleep on the sofa whilst I sew&blog

Currently it is covered in the blanket I made baby no1 4 years ago. Not my favourite quilt. The first I ever made with my machine. But wow, four years of poop & vomit, boiling washes in the machine, being sat on for impromptu picnics in the park, being run over by the buggy, and it doesn’t look too bad.

Thinking i’ll make an elasticated cover that can be removed and washed. And as the feature wall is navy I was thinking the footstool could provide the pop of green I think is needed.


If I hadn’t my broken my camera yesterday by dropping it down stone steps in the garden (trying to get the prettiest picture of my monstrous children in a rare millisecond of good behaviour – I missed it!) this update would have been a little sooner.

NOT the clown’s pajamas

I decided some handmade pajamas would be a nice ‘going away to uni’ present for my baby sis.  I have some cute pink striped stretch jersey that I thought would do the job nicely. Quite a lot of it. But…not enough of it to make pajama shorts for my sis.

It’s not that she has a large behind (it’s perfectly-sized,small, teeny weeny tiny in comparison…to mine) – but I have only ever made shorts for toddlers! Man it takes a LOT of fabric to make adult shorts!

There definitely wasn’t enough jersey so I dipped into my patchwork quilting stash. Even then there wasn’t enough. So I took the plunge and I half&half-ed it.


I can’t work out yet if it’s a decent combo. I’m trying to imagine it finished with a white vest and modelled by small behind-ed sister.


Not exactly sewing…storage

Have you seen those posts that suggest you can make these –


from these?


And have you, like me, thought “yeah, sure a cardboard box covered in wallpaper looks good in your house”.  In my hovel a cardboard box + wallpaper could not look anything other than crap, to be honest. Me + fabric = good.  Me + paper = chubby fingered disaster.

Anyway…we was wrong! I tried this nappy box to storage box repurpose today and am soooo pleased with how it looks.  Exactly one million times better than a pile of stinky clothes on the floor.

Pile of stinky clothes + upstairs recycling.

Pile of stinky clothes + upstairs recycling.

I even added a lavender fragranced bin bag as lining.


So if you thought it was a repurpose too simple to be stylish, and  too good to be true, my advice is give it a go.  It took me less than 5 mins.

Have sent hubby to search his hidy places for wallpaper left over from his diy exploits…might actually see century!

Moo! Oink! Playsuit

I don’t live in the countryside.  In fact I really dislike the countryside.  Mud, flies, cottages, country-style kitchens, wellies, farms
But I love farm animal themed fabric.  Understand, the animals on the fabric must be farm animals!

Here is a few of my newest and favourite.


The new cows, the old cows, the sheep, and those gorgeous pigs in mud that I almost made into a runner for my dining room (my last dining room, in my old house, 4 years ago).

P1010105 P1010106

I really wanted to do something quick & cute with my new grey ‘cow’ fabric. My random pattern-less sewing became this playsuit for my little madam.

I asked her to model it but she was too busy playing.

I asked her to model it but she was too busy playing.


So I less than artfully spread it out on the floor (after I had cleaned it with a floor wipe under each foot – does anyone else do that?)

A bit of trimming & tidying to do before it’s ready to be worn – party-time on Friday.